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Where do I park? Is there handicap parking available?

There are several parking locations.

There is shuttle parking at the Barberton Middle School, where you may park and you will be transported to a drop off site near the festival. 

There is public parking at the Orange Parking Lot and additional parking lot located off of W. Hopocan Ave & Newell St. 

Handicap Parking is located at the Purple Parking lot located at the intersection of W. Tuscarawas Ave. & 2nd St. NW. 

All parking locations are located on the Google Map of Mumfest, you may click on the location for driving directions.


                                Are there areas to sit down and eat?

There are two areas for sit down eating.  The outdoor areas are located near the gazebo and also near the gardens on 2nd St.  The indoor eating location is located inside Lake Anna Hall. 

For a better view of the locations please see the Google Map of Mumfest


   May I bring my pet to the festival?

For the safety of the pet and our patrons, animals are not allowed at the festival unless they are a designated service animal.  The festival has grown over the years and pets are not safe in such large crowds.

          Why doesn't the city dig up and sell the mums growing in the mum gardens?

Leaving the mums intact in the gardens after the festival gives the public the opportunity to enjoy the mums for several additional weeks.  During a time when the mums were dug up and sold following the festival, the topsoil had been depleted in the flower beds. As a result it was necessary to purchase top soil and soil amendments to bring the beds back up to level to insure adequate drainage. We cannot practice crop rotation since we have no other area in which to rotate. Without rotating the crop some isolated soil borne disease problems will develop. A full scale prevention program is used in the gardens from the first day of planting. We choose not to introduce this limited risk into your home garden. 



I want to be a craft/food/commercial vendor do you have spaces available  for the 2025 Mum Fest?

If you are interested in being a vendor for the 2024 Mum Fest please contact the email listed below. 

Craft Vendor contact:  

Food/Commercial Vendor contact:


Questions?  Please email

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